The 3rd Brawijaya’s International Agriculture
Brawijaya’s International Agriculture 2013 bring the theme of “Ecosystem Management And South East Asia’s Food Security” which discusses about food security. Thesequences of Brawijaya’s International Agriculture 2013 event include International Conference and Expo. This activity invites companies/institutions, delegetions both students and publics as well as a competent speaker
ConferenceThe topic in International Conference of the 3rd BIA is about “Technology To Improve Food Security”.
Area Of Interest
- Biotechnology for Improve Farm Production.
- Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Sustainable Agriculture.
- Upgrading on Social and Economic System for Safety Farm.
- Water-Soil Management and Conservation for Next Living Farm.
- Healthy Food for Humanity.
- Agriculture Industry (Technology and Management).
- Marine Resources for Food Safety and Security.
- Public Policy of Marine Resources.
- Optimalization of Livestock for Upgrading The Food Safety and Security (Technology and Management).
Keynote And Invited Speaker
1. Takashi Watanabe (Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphore, Kyoto University)
2. Dr. H. Oesman Sapta Odang (Chairman of HKTI)
3. Ir. L, Setyobudi, MS., Ph.D (Vice Chairman of The Institute And The Development of Quality Education Industry Indonesia)
And under Confirmation International Speakers Form ASEAN, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc.
The Proceeding
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